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Anonymous asked: Do you live in seoul? And whats your boyfriend like? Is he korean? Where did you guys meet?

Sorry, I just saw this message!
I am half Korean, half Black but my (ex) boyfriend is actually fully Chinese( Americanized )! We met at work. He was my Boss and best friend at the time. I sacrificed my great job and confessed my love for him. He late realized he felt the same way. I quit and we started dating. We didnt last long because of past demons he just couldnt let go but also, he has another best friend( for lack of a better word.. “ratchet”) who is extremely needy. He is quite well off and she kept demanding money, gifts and favors. I didnt have a problem with that at first but it became way to much when she was constantly rude and abusive towards me for no reason.. He refused to tell her to back off. He is pretty immature man who hates confrontation and lacks communication skills… .In a more recent picture, I posted a picture of my new bestfriend/boyfriend ( I didnt want to give him that title yet since the wound isnt quite closed yet ) who is actually fully Vietnamese (: I am moving to Seoul so no I dont actually live there yet.
Thanks for your question (: !